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Atelier des Artistes


Le Méridien Tahiti - Atelier des artistes

Located on the top floor of Le Meridien Tahiti, experience the onsite art space called L'Atelier. L'Atelier reflects Le Meridien's passion for supporting local and international culture while offering guests a unique and rewarding interactive experience with the creative personalities behind striking works of art.

The onsite artists' space sets to feature contemporary artists from across the islands and around the world. More than a gallery, L'Atelier was created to feature the artists themselves, as well as their work, presenting resort guests with interactive and even participatory experiences to gain insight into the creative process.

L'Atelier draws creative guests with exhibitions as well as with the artists themselves. Along with fresh opportunities to peruse contemporary works of art - including paintings, photography, sculpture music and dance - guests can look forward to learning the techniques, experiencing the inspirations, and even creating their own original artworks to take home across the seas.

The Artists

Mina HB Nunez

Self-taught painter and sculptor, Mina resorts to recyclable elements (papers, bottles, cardboards...) and uses her own magical paste, she therefore contributes to waste recovery.

Her paintings are intended to take us to a colorful world, a world of harmony, beauty and light. She built an imaginary universe meant to create a deep bound between the setting and the character.

All in all, she strives to convey peace, love and joy through her paintings.


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Patricia Lesturgie - Painter

Born in Nice, Patricia Lesturgie draws her inspiration from her numerous trips around the world, especially between the South of France and the different Pacific islands.

Defining her painting as intuitive and spontaneous, this artist uses acrylic paint and diverse mixed techniques, handling both traditional and unprecedented tools her imagination invented.

As far as she is concerned, each painting deals with an experimental research for harmony following her fancy for materials, colours, patterns, and lightings, bringing the audience among her imaginary world and among the musicality of her untraditional universe.

Lovaina Guirao - Perfume master

Lovaina Guira is polynesian. Graduated from the famous Guerlain university in Paris, Lovaina creates works that you can both smell and feel. This combination between the arts offers a unique and new experience to her paintings.

More than her paintings, Lovaina organises « Les Ateliers du Parfum » where participants can give free rein to their creative mind discovering raw materials entering in perfume’s composition, learning to recognize them and using them to create their own perfume. In the end of this workshop, each participant is leaving with his own perfume.

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Christian Martin - Painter

Christian Martin is a painter with a very unique career.

Born in Nîmes (South Of France), he’s inspired with both culture, french and Polynesian. His artworks combine the strength of the « Toro » (bullfighting) with Polynesian Va’a paddlers.

The result is an explosion of color.

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Didier Tondini - Painter

Didier Tondini was born in Nice, France. His father's passion for aviation and the "hasards" of life, resulted in the whole family landing in French Polynesia. A few years later the Polynesian colors having definitively replaced the grey skies of Paris, he replaced the keyboard with paint and paintbrushes.

Great lover and collector of cartoons and comic strips, obviously his paintings are inspired by what is commonly called the "9th Art". Filled with humour and flooded with colors and motions, his subjects appear to be living and putting everybody in a good mood. To date Didier has never displayed his paintings anywhere but in the waiting-room of his wife's office, a doctor in Papeete. To her great surprise several "passionate patients" come to her office to purchase her husband's paintings rather than for medical care.

Always looking for perfection, his paintings are perpetually evolving while retaining the artist's immediate identification. The Poly-monochromatic with a binary tendency of his works remains a concept that the artist leaves to anyone the task to define it in relationship to their own lives and their own experiences past and future.

Gaya - Painter & Sculptor

Gaya is a painter and sculptor. He lives in French Polynesia since 2004. This artist is entirely self-taught. He has exhibited many times in the U.S., Asia and France. His work at Le Méridien Tahiti is primarily focused on painting and drawing. Inspired by the place where he lives, he often creates artworks that deliver messages and he is always surprising by their techniques and their originality.





JC Dombry - Sculptor

The clay work is a very important part of his life. He strives with some inventiveness favor authenticity and work with local materials where possible, seeking inspiration in tradition and local culture but also modernity.






Thodé - Painter

Born in France, the artist lives in Polynesia since 2002. He has always combined his work as an architect with the painting. He wants to continue the architecture but differently, to be closer to his work as a painter, that is to say, to submit to man and nature.

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 Previously at the Atelier...

Stephen Bennett - Portraitist

Stephen Bennett is an American portrait painter who over the last 20 years has traveled to over 30 countries, painting the portrait of indigenous people or even celebrities such as Sharon Stone. He seeks out indigenous people to capture their soulful faces and ritual adornments through colorful paintings.

Succeeding in his artistic endeavors thanks to his appreciation of human differences, his generosity, and his desire to understand others, Stephen is driven by the objective to complete an international exhibition of 1000 World Portraits. Bennett's vision is to promote tolerance through art education and cultural exchange on a global scale.

Bennett is also the founder of Faces of the World, a non-profit corporation with a mission of increasing cultural pride and affirming the importance of indigenous cultures (for more information : www.facesoftheworld.net)

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Ashley Devine - Painter

Born and grown up on the « Sunshine Coast » in Queensland Australia, Ashley Devine is a self-taught artist. This self-directed learning can be felt in his paintings, providing them a unique style that can enrich and enlighten the place in which they are placed.

Using paintbrushes as well as other tools, Ashley principally paints on canvas today. He used to personalize surfboards with his paintings, creating then unique works. Representing wonderful landscapes such as popular surf spots, portraits or even abstract art, Ashley make us travelling through his works whose realism make us confused between work and photos.

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Yannick Babled (Zim) - Painter

Born on January 26th, in Le Quesnoy (FRANCE) Yannick Babled aka Zim, has always had a close relationship with colours.
Since he has started plastic arts many years ago, he aims, above all, at creating emotions among spectators. Pleasure, wonder, curiosity, doubt or astonishment, for each of his creations, the goal  is to leave no one indifferent. He wants his approach to be as gentle as possible in order not to disturb others’ perception of what are traditional rules of drawing, particularly in matter of perspective and lightning.
Daring to choose contrasting colours, that are even hating one another but to finally gather them in a very harmonious way on the painting.

Member of the Europeen institute of contemporary arts.

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Tania Wursig - Painter

Tania Wursig was born in Sydney in 1967. Of German, Finnish and Gypsy descent, she attributes much of the exotic nature of her work to her diverse cultural background. After completing her Bachelor of Arts at Sydney College of the Arts in 1990 with a major in Fashion and Textile Design and a minor in Painting and Drawing, Wursig set up a studio in Sydney and began painting full time.

The inspiration of light, colour and the female form is dominant in Wursig's work - a celebration of femininity. She is best known for her flamboyant palette and exploration of the sensual. Wursig's dynamic career as a professional painter has taken her all over the world, including residencies in Paris and Barcelona, an invitation to the Third International Artists' Symposium in Budapest and commission work in Maui, Hawaii.

During her years travelling and living in Europe, Wursig's work underwent many transformations. Embracing new cultures and experiences has also given her an appetite for narrative. Drawing inspiration from her own journey, she has introduced a deeply personal language of symbolism and imagery into her paintings.

Wursig has created a unique style of combining sensual figurative work with the textural possibilities of painting on silk, lace and other vintage textiles. Her paintings are held in private and public collections worldwide including the Cellar de Can Ginestar in Barcelona and the MOM Gallery in Budapest.

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Elena Parashko - Painter

Elena Parashko is an award winning Sydney-based artist, writer and teacher.

Elena's artwork is represented in private and corporate collections throughout Australia and internationally and in several galleries including Hamilton Island Art Gallery on the Great Barrier Reef.

With a unique style of painting that does not restrict itself to one genre, Elena enjoys experimenting with different techniques and mediums in an exploration of subject matter - from traditional landscapes, still life, botanical illustration and seascapes through to contemporary compositions and abstracts.

Elena often finds inspiration in nature and her style celebrates attention to detail.

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Miriama Bono - Painter

Miriama BONO is architect also passionate about painting and culture. Polynesian mixed origin, expresses in his painting the mixture of its Polynesian and European influences. His works can their inspiration from the Polynesian symbols (Tiki, tapa, tattoo), but also in modern abstraction.

She is interested both in the world than to that of the Graffiti writing or broadcasting. She also organized artistic events, group exhibitions and is currently in charge of the FIFO (International Documentary Film Festival Oceanic).

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